BB-7 Ebony Polish with PianoDisc

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The Mason & Hamlin Model BB-7 redefines what a 7-ft piano should be, with power, grace, and sonority usually reserved for concert grands.

Equipped with PianoDisc IQ Quiet Time Package. Includes Silent Drive HD, ProRecord, sound module, mute rail, soundbar, & free music library.



A piano acclaimed for its even touch, consistent action, and well-balanced tone, the Model BB-7 is designed for spacious homes, conservatories, professional studios, auditoriums, and halls. The BB-7 is legendary for its concert grand characteristics, which include a robust, resonant bass, a rich and warm tenor, and a treble with a singing tone, bell-like in its clarity.

As with all of its pianos, Mason & Hamlin meticulously crafts the BB-7 by hand with only the finest materials, making the BB-7 the best value in its class. Mason & Hamlin pianos have been proudly Made in America since 1854.

Comes equipped with PianoDisc IQ Quiet Time Package. Includes Silent Drive HD low profile player mechanism, ProRecord optical MIDI record/sensor system, sound module with 88 built-in sounds, mute rail, soundbar speaker, and free music library.


Style: Ebony Polish
Serial Number: n/a
Length: 6ft 11.5in (212.09cm)
Width: 59.14in (150.22cm) (measured at keyboard of piano)
Rim: Hard Rock Maple
Rim Thickness: Inner 2.25in (5.72cm)
Outer 1.125in (2.86cm)
Total 3.375in (8.57cm)
Plate: Sand Cast Gray Iron, Full Perimeter
Soundboard: Eastern White Spruce with Perimeter Taper (customized for each model)
Soundboard Size: 2,538.4in2 (6,447.54cm2)